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SureWave CM3 Noise and Vibration Monitor

  • SureWave CM3 Noise and Vibration Monitor
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Product Description

The simplest and most reliable way to monitor your sites for compliance for both Noise and Vibration legislation. Available in Simultaneous (Vibration and Noise Type 1 Leqs) or Vibration/Noise Only.
The CM3 Model is available in
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Simultaneous Noise and Vibration
CM3 Vibration and/or Noise Analyser Features:
  • User-friendly PC software for data analysis to BS6472, BS4142, DIN 4150 and USHM/OSMRE standards
  • Graphics display to view previous results
  • Modem option with SMS text alerts
  • Remote operation and data collection
  • Alarm option with audio/visual warning
  • Unlimited cable lengths and extended battery life via external battery socket [multiple blast event storage in memory]
  • 3 event timer providing automatic unattended monitoring
  • Up to 7 channels
  • With the ability to log in to the CM3 device it allows you a wide range of new features, Under configuration, you now have the ability to remotely change settings on the CM3 such as:
  • Name of unit
  • Enabling your alarms
  • Event Times
  • Input which noise percentiles you need to record (up to 6),
  • Table time interval,
  • Alarm thresholds.
The great news is that you can select all the event parameters from this web page and even change the Leq measurements times on recorded data. For example, say you select 5 minute tables and L10, L90. Clicking table or event data will give you the results over the period selected for these Leq’s. Then, if you change the Leq periods (say a table of 1 hour and L1,L10,L30,L50 and L90), and reselect the event data or table data, the same period of data will now show the new selected Leq values. This gives you the option to ‘change your mind’ after the monitoring has been recorded.
Specifications :
Input Ranges Technical Specification Values
Vibration Velocity 0.01 to 99.8mm/S
  Resolution 0.01mm/S
Noise Range 60 dB (10dB below base 50dB above base) minimum
  Base Selectable 20, 40, 60, 80, 100.
  Resolution 0.1dB accuracy 0.5dB Meeting Type 1 Precision grade
  Standard Values Leq, Lmax, Leq5, Percentiles: L10 L90. Factory option: L1
Trigger Level
User Selectable: Vibration 0.1 to 100mm/S Velocity
  Sound/ AOP dB Above Meter base (Linear) (ON or OFF)
Cut off Delay Values
User Selectable from 0.1 to 1 second. Used to reduce event length if event falls below trigger level for more than selected delay.
Sampling Rate 
Vibration User-selectable from 200 to 1000Hz. Impulse mode only.
Frequency Response
Vibration 0.5Hz TO 1KHz, with standard accelerometers.
Noise A or C weighted, Linear for Air Overpressure to IEC651.
Memory Values
Event  Data Ram 384KB. Option of 32GB.
  Protected by a separate battery. User information store for 4 fields,12 characters/field. All user-selected options have separate data retention for up to 10 years after each event save.
Standard Channels 
Vibration Only 3 Channels (1 triaxial or 3 single axis transducers)OR 6 Channels (2 triaxial or 6 single axis transducers)
Noise Only Single Channel, Type 1 Precision Grade microphone
Simultaneous Noise and Vibration 4 or 7 Channels
  (1 Noise Channel + 3 or 6 Channels of Vibration).
Print-out (user selectable) Values
None Only valid with PC or Flash Card Option.
Block Results
Vibration Displacement, Acceleration, Velocity, Frequency,Resultant Velocity.
Noise Air Overpressure (Leq in the Continuous Mode):
  Leqs of Overall, Max 5 min, Leq(interval), Max 5 (interval),
  L10, L90 Percentiles, LMAX. Additional user definable interval for Leq, Max 5 min Leq, L10, L90 in Sound only mode.
  SPL mode (from Calibration menu).
Full As Block results with additional user data, Velocity and Air
  Overpressure graphs or PPV and Leq Histograms.
Vibration TA1 (3 accelerometers mounted triaxially) or VT1 (single accelerometer) as required. Cable lengths unlimited (POA)
Noise Type 1 Precision Grade Microphone for Leq noise. Linear sub 4Hz for Air Overpressure data. Remote mounting up to 10M.
Vibration BS6472, BS7385, BS6955 and DIN 4150.
Noise BS4142, IEC651, BS5228, BS5969 and ANSI S1.4 Type 1.
Automatic Trigger Impulse Mode:-
  • Triggers on any vibration exceeding the user defined trigger value.
  • Used for blast monitoring or similar events. Event length user selectable
Continuous Mode:-
  • Used to record Peak Vibration and Sound Leq (in dB(A) or (C)) over extended periods. Manual or automatic operation using 3 event timer, repeated daily.
  • Data tabulated at user defined intervals. Ideal for Noise surveys and monitoring of construction operations to ensure compliance with project limits.
  • Applications include: Piling, Railway, Highway and Bridge Structure Monitoring.
Dual Mode:- 
Continuous monitoring for Vibration and Air Overpressure, with vibration exceedingthe trigger value producing an impulse event. Each impulse event is printed as it occurs, with the continuous event printed at the end of the monitoring period.
  • Real Time Calendar/Clock for Date/Time print-out with results and 3 event timer per day for unattended operation of several weeks.
  • LCD Graphic Display for results and recall of graphs etc.
  • Printer Option.
  • 2 level Audible and visual Alarm system warning if trigger level is exceeded in either mode of operation.
  • SMS text alerts with Modem option. Noise Alarms: 1 min Laeq alarm, Table Interval Time
  • Laeq alarm and Period Laeq Alarm. 2 Vibration Alarms (PPV) all user selectable.
  • Weather Option to give wind speed/direction, more details available on request.
  • User-friendly software - Features include: Reprinting Event; 1Min Pause; Quantity of full results printed before returning to Block Print-out when left unattended.
  • Separate or combined graphs, user selectable.
  • Battery/Mains operated.
  • Battery life (up to): light weight option 3 days, extended option 6 days. External battery
  • connection with lead supplied for extended or permanent use (cycle external batteries).
  • Internal battery can be changed by the user.
  • Computer interface (RS232) and Windows P.C. Software supplied as standard.
  • Supplied in a water-tight Peli Case, sealed to IP65.
  • Weight 10.5kg (4 Channel System with one Vibration Sensor and Microphone).
Supplied as Standard with the Following:- 
  • Mains Charger + External battery connector and cable.
  • Windows Software (Windows 7 / XP,2000, ME,98SE,&98)
  • USB 1.1 (Type A to B) cable supplied.

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